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Will having heart disease affect my sexual life?

It is true that some patients who develop heart disease or who have had bypass surgery have decreased sexual function for the rest of their life. Furthermore, certain individuals who have associated blockages in the arteries of their legs and in the pelvic area may have sexual dysfunction based on this as well. For male patients experiencing such problems, it is possible to do a specific study to determine whether or not there is adequate blood circulation to the sexual organ.

In addition, associated diseases such as diabetes can contribute to the loss of sexual function. It should be mentioned, also, that depression and psychological factors may play the strongest role in the loss of libido in many cases.

Social support following heart attack is also very important. Patients often rely on myths, misinformation and misconceptions as to how to continue with sexual activity following either a heart attack or bypass surgery. Specific guidelines for sexuality teaching are available for patients after cardiac events, and the cardiac rehabilitation team would be the key resource for patients while in the hospital. The rehab team should have written information and be trained to answer any questions a patient might have prior to going home. It is important that these questions be addressed and that the patient feels comfortable and secure about resuming sexual activity after this event.


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