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What could be wrong with me if I pass out?

"Syncope" is the feeling of loss of consciousness in which the individual may either feel dizzy or weak as if going to pass out, or may actually proceed to a full fainting spell. Syncope is caused by a rapid decrease in blood flow to the brain, and can be the result of a number of problems directly related to the loss of blood pressure. These include an irregular heartbeat or abnormalities of the nervous system causing an inability of the body to maintain blood pressure to the brain at all times.

Syncope caused from disorders of the heart must be distinguished from other causes of fainting, such as seizure disorders, low blood sugar, hyperventilation, anxiety attacks, and hysterical fainting. If one experiences unexplained fainting spells, seeking the help of a physician for careful diagnosis of the reason is of utmost importance. Generally, these attacks can be treated with modifications in diet or by prescription medications to treat the underlying problem of arrhythmias, seizures, low blood sugar, etc.


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