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What kind of foods are bad for my heart?

Foods high in fat, including red meats (beef), lamb, duck, goose, and any type of cold cuts, including hot dogs. Also, cheddar cheese, butter, whole milk dairy products, and traditional snacks which are either fried in oil or prepared with oil. Many snacks such as crackers, cookies, muffins, etc., are high in fat, especially in saturated (bad) fat. Foods included in the low fat group are chicken, turkey, fresh or frozen fish, and low fat dairy products. There are multiple commercial products available now which are either "fat free" or "low fat" which are beneficial in reducing dietary fat. Besides choosing low-fat foods, increasing soluble fiber is also helpful. Foods such as oat bran and legumes provide the best source of this. By carefully reading labels, one can make good decisions in selecting foods. An easy rule of thumb is that calories provided by fat should be less than one-third of one’s total caloric intake, and the amount of saturated (bad) fat grams should be one-third or less of total fat grams. If it is found that, through general modifications in diet, high cholesterol levels are not improving, it may be necessary for your physician to either start you on a cholesterol lowering medication and/or have you visit with a dietician to assess the need for a specific diet and exercise program. This evaluation would include a careful analysis of the type of cholesterol present in the bloodstream and assistance in modifying your dietary habits to help keep your cholesterol under control on a long-term basis, and determination of specific activities designed to target your individual problem areas.


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